Michalská Cocktail Room

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Are you looking for a special bar to go to in Bratislava? Why not try a speakeasy?

The inspiration for opening such a place as the Michalska Cocktail Room comes from the Prohibition period when throughout the USA, despite a ban, places with secret entrances began to sell illegal alcohol. Their entrances were hard to find, which made them all the more exciting; this excitement never ceased and you can see even today brand new bars opening all over the world that take direct inspiration from the speakasy. The Michalska Cocktail Room bar is one of the most popular bars on the Bratislava bar scene and what makes it truly unique is the secret entrance through a cabinet. And not only that, you will also find delicious drinks to enjoy here as well as a very pleasant atmosphere with intimate lighting and comfortable seating. Visit this bar on evenings when you feel like you want to go out for an unusual date, or when you feel like relaxing with a good drink in a hidden place. Cheers!

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    Michalská 5,811 03 Bratislava (ask the barista at Urban Bistro for directions)
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