Bratislava Fine Dining


Address: Ventúrska 1, Bratislava, +421 221 025 628,

SaSaZu, located in the heart of Bratislava’s old town is an exciting establishment that serves delectable Southeast Asian cuisine in an equally exciting environment.

This extraordinary establishment features delicious, authentic fare from Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other countries from Southeast Asia. You will surely feel far from home on an exotic culinary adventure with unforgettable meals in a lovely setting! The mastermind behind this colorful culinary adventure is Shahaf Shabtay, a chef who has years of international experience in fine dining establishments. With Shahaf Shabtay behind the menu you can bet on unique dishes, highest quality ingredients and authentic flavors. SaSaZu is proud to feature five unforgettable styles of Asian cuisine: flame, roti and tai-tai grill, otak otak and sambal. The Asian cuisine will wow your taste buds and have you returning time and time again for an outstanding meal that stands clear above the rest. It is of no coincidence that SaSaZu is constantly packed full of Slovak personalities and lovers of fine food; we recommend making reservations at +421 221 025 628. If you feel like learning how to cook these delicious dishes, accept an invite to join the chef in discovering the enchantments and secrets of Asian cuisine during a two-hour workshop where you can learn the principles of Asian cooking with special ingredients. If you are planning a night out in Bratislava and wish to sample authentic Southeast Asian cuisine do not miss SaSaZu - your taste buds will surely thank you!