Bratislava Fine Dining

Fou Zoo

Address: Ševčenkova 34, Bratislava, +421 901 74 74 74,

Fou Zoo is well recognized for its fusion concept. This Pan Asian fine dining restaurant located in Petrzalka, a municipality of Bratislava situated on the opposite side of the Danube River from the Old Town, pushes the boundaries with its imaginative dishes, fine tastes and a wide selection of sushi.

Considered as one of the top restaurants in Slovakia, its pan Asian cuisine – as it classifies itself – brings about a new mindset concerning Asian cuisine as such. You will find the dishes here, prepared with both the Asian and European way of cooking, to have a perfect gourmet harmony, ensuring that all wishes are fulfilled. Try the tasting menu that comes with perfectly balanced tastes, a delightful combination of the best that comes from the sea and the soil. This place will surprise you with its atmosphere, and its ability to provide unexpected experiences and new culinary encounters. The great culinary experience awaiting here is carefully and passionately prepared by Chef Michal KonradMichal who has previously worked in prestigious restaurants such as Cocoon, Kyashii and Chino Latino in London. The food, atmosphere and the service are rated top level. Many people say Fou Zoo is a gastronomic heaven and perceive it as a fine dining restaurant that definitely occupies one of the top places on the list of best Asian restaurants in Bratislava.