Designer Furniture in Bratislava

Atrium – House of Design & Furniture

Address: Einsteinova 9 - Atrium, 851 01 Bratislava,  

Choosing the right furniture and décor items for your home can be a lot of fun – if you have all the shops you need to visit under one roof.

Visit Atrium – House of Design & Furniture to find designer furniture that is built to fit your budget and taste, original home accessories, and a whole lot of interior design inspiration! Atrium has been open since 2004 with the aim to bring designer furniture brands from all over the world to Bratislava. It is filled with great stores featuring and representing over 100 renowned brands known for producing furniture pieces with good quality construction and recognizable value. Aside from great furniture, you will find shops with original accessories and home decorations & textile, wallpaper, glassware and lighting. You can find an item for each and every room in your home as well as the most friendly, responsive staff members helping you to piece together a little corner of a specific room or your entire home if you so wish. Happy shopping!