Would you like your new house to have an exterior of timeless architecture and an interior beautiful in its simplicity and purity? Explore the list of highly recommended creative architects in Bratislava, committed to designing striking buildings and interiors. Work on your project with an architect and you will have the best chance of achieving your vision and professional help with translating your ideas into practical solutions. Have a look at our guide for sought after architects in Bratislava - all of them recommended here are represented with descriptions of their services, photographs of their projects, contact information, and handy maps. Whether you are building a house or reconstructing an apartment, these architects have the know-how and the imagination to create the home of your dreams. 


The GutGut architecture studio provides complex services regarding residential buildings and interiors, commercial interiors and outdoor space. GutGut is a dynamic Bratislava architectural studio with experience ranging from small implementations to housing and master planning. The architect duo Štefan Polakovič and Lukáš Kordík have been shifting...

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Vallo Sadovsky Architects

If you are looking for the services of an architecture studio with a long tradition and various experience from the residential, commercial and public sectors, we’ve got a good tip for you – Vallo Sadovsky Architects. Vallo Sadovsky Architects is one of the leading architectural studios in Bratislava, founded by renowned architects Matus Vallo and...

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JRKVC is the Bratislava, Slovakia based studio of Peter Jurkovič that pursues design and architecture. Currently Peter explores a vision of architecture as a commodity—a self-sustainable manufacture. He devotes his work mainly to residential architecture and interior design. He is constantly looking for a delicate balance between the form and the c...

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