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19. February 2021

Managing Director of Svoboda & Williams Slovakia spoke to Radio Slovakia

David Martan, Managing Director of Svoboda & Williams Slovakia, was one of the guests of the Radio Slovakia program on the topic of the development of real estate prices in Slovakia.

David Martan spoke mainly about the segment of high-end properties: “In premium real estate, an estimated 65-70% is inhabited, a third serves as an investment. A relatively large number of people buys premium real estate with a purely investment purpose. We know from experience that in the long run it is the premium real estate which happens to be the least affected by market fluctuations.”

You can listen to the section dedicated to premium real estate from 32:43 here.

Managing Director of Svoboda & Williams Slovakia spoke to Radio Slovakia

09. February 2021

The Bratislava Real Estate Market Grew in 2020 Despite the Crisis

The year 2020 was marked by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant market constraints affected every sector. However, the real estate market has had a successful twelve-month run, despite the dire forecasts at the beginning of the pandemic. Svoboda & Williams’ team expanded during the coronavirus crisis and came up with several innovative solutions that allowed it to adapt swiftly to the new situation.

When demand exceeded supply, prices didn’t go down, but in fact reached new heights in 2020. The price per square meter for new builds reached approximately EUR 3,500, which is 11% higher than in the previous year. Changes were also registered in the rental housing segment, where there was an increase in supply due to short-term rental properties being changed to long-term rentals or even offered for sale. In some regions, average monthly rents have decreased by about 15%.

Investing in real estate has long been one of the safest places to park one’s money, and the crisis solidified this fact. “There is currently a lot of money being pumped into the economy, which is likely to cause inflation, and therefore properties, even the most high-end ones, can be safe havens. Many people today see buying real estate as a ‘pillar of the pension system.’ Due to the frequent changes to this pension system, people have stopped trusting it. They see its guarantees as insufficient and are seeking their own solutions, such as acquiring properties that they can rent out and earn income from,” says David Martan, Managing Director of Svoboda & Williams Slovakia. Purchasing power remains relatively strong despite the pandemic, while the supply of housing is lagging behind, and so prices can be expected to increase in 2021.

The Bratislava Real Estate Market Grew in 2020 Despite the Crisis

11. January 2021

David Martan for Forbes: The Wealthy Who Have Replaced the Middle Class Are Driving up Apartment Prices

In an interview with Forbes, Managing Director of Svoboda & Williams Slovakia discussed the situation in the Slovak luxury housing segment.

Premium real estate is an excellent investment as well as a modern “pillar of the pension system.” David Martan spoke about the world of high-end properties with the editor of Forbes Slovensko.

David Martan for Forbes: The Wealthy Who Have Replaced the Middle Class Are Driving up Apartment Prices

16. December 2020

Svoboda & Williams Is Launching Selected, Its New Online Magazine

In the middle of December, Svoboda & Williams introduced its online magazine Selected, thereby entering the premium media segment. The new magazine will feature quality content that will acquaint readers with high-end brands, experiences, and real estate. Selected’s website is the work of Biceps Digital, a leading web design and development studio.

Svoboda & Williams created Selected Magazine with the ambition to become the leading authority on luxury living and the place for clients of the premium segment to get information in the Czech and Slovak online media space. Its editor-in-chief is Tomáš Otta, whose twenty-five-year career in journalism includes a stint as the editor-in-chief of ForMen. “Selected is an oasis in the media world. Readers can spend time here every day and find an expertly curated mix of information, from exclusive new products, authentic experiences, to inspirational tips from top professionals in various fields,” says Otta.

Selected is hosted on Svoboda & Williams’ website as well as on its own domain: The online magazine was designed by Biceps Digital, who worked closely with Natalie Kuznetsová, Marketing Director at Svoboda & Williams. “Our goal is to offer quality content that reflects its online form of communication. Last but not least, we want it to be a place that supports talented artists, designers, and brands,” says Kuznetsová. Rudolf Matějček, Creative Director of Biceps Digital, had this to say about working with Svoboda & Williams: “Selected Magazine is a bold project in the domestic Czech market in terms of both style and content. We wanted to give as much space as possible to the strong content when we were designing the visual appearance of the magazine.”

For now, Selected is purely an online magazine, but next year we are planning to publish it in print on a biannual basis and distribute it directly to readers.

Selected by Svoboda & Williams

29. October 2020

Introducing the Newest Member to Join Svoboda & Williams Slovakia’s Team

Svoboda & Williams Slovakia’s team grew to seven members when real estate agent Eva Košovská joined its ranks this October.

Eva Košovská is a Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams Slovakia. She graduated from the School of Management in Bratislava and went on to obtain an MBA from the University of St. Francis. She previously worked in marketing and project management in both the public and private sectors. On the side, Eva enjoys music and fashion and even has her own clothing brand.

Introducing the Newest Member to Join Svoboda & Williams Slovakia’s Team

14. October 2020

Introducing Svoboda & Williams’ Bratislava Team

Due to its over two-decade success on the Czech market, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency expanded to Slovakia last year. Since then, the Slovak team successfully established itself on the Bratislava and Slovak real estate markets, and so the time is right to present its current members.

Dagmar Skalníková studied history and the Slovak language at Comenius University in Bratislava. Besides her native Slovak, she speaks English fluently. She started her career in an advertising agency where she worked with multinational clients, helping them launch their projects on the Czech and Slovak markets. She then devoted herself to interior design. She has been a Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams Slovakia since July 2019.

Dominik Horváth
is a Senior Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams Slovakia. He studied law and has more than 13 years of experience in investment and property management. He also worked in Canada and the USA, where he became proficient in English. He has collaborated in the acquisition and sale process of several successful projects.

Eva Koptáková is a lawyer and has worked in the legal field for eight years, four of which as an attorney. She decided to switch career paths after her interest in the world of real estate was sparked by her experience with real estate law. Eva is currently a Sales Representative at Svoboda & Williams Slovakia. She speaks English fluently.

Juraj Jaroš has a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Bratislava. He has been working in real estate since 2007 and was previously employed in international consulting firms and property development companies. He also collaborated on several exceptional important non-residential projects, such as the Eurovea offices of Pradiaren 1990. He is currently a Property Consultant and speaks both English and German fluently.

Ľubica Kulčárová has a master’s degree from the Faculty of Management of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She also worked as a project manager in the public and private sectors. She is proficient in English and Russian. Ľubica has been the Office Manager of the Svoboda & Williams Slnečnice office since October 2019.

Introducing Svoboda & Williams’ Bratislava Team

08. October 2020

Svoboda & Williams Is the Exclusive Seller of a Manor With a Biodiversity Park Near Bratislava

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been commissioned to sell an elegant manor surrounded by a large park, located in the Little Carpathian protected area. In addition to the main house, the 63 acre property includes several other buildings: a conference center with a covered pool, staff quarters, or a garage with a charging station for electric cars.

A former spa, this exceptional property was recently thoroughly renovated. Located only 25 km from Bratislava and 1 hour’s drive from the Czech and Austrian highways, it can be used equally conveniently as a primary residence or as a place of business, for example as a private clinic, esthetician’s office, resort, or elegant company headquarters. The popular wine-growing regions of Pezinok and Modra are also close-by.

Built in 1905, the manor offers a total of 12 rooms. Its interior boasts an impeccable design with many high-end elements and accessories by Versace Home Design. It is equipped with wooden Euro windows, solar panels, an audio system, an exterior camera system, automatic irrigation, a well for water, and a fountain. Its extensive grounds full of greenery and mature trees guarantee peace, privacy, and parking for up to 36 cars.

More information about the property.

Svoboda & Williams Is the Exclusive Seller of a Manor With a Biodiversity Park Near Bratislava

15. September 2020

Construction of the Schön Residence Continues to Make Progress

The reconstruction of the Schön building on Obchodná Street is continuing according to plan and is scheduled to be finished in the early part of 2021. The reconstruction aims to preserve the original Functionalist architecture from the first half of the 20th century while ensuring comfortable 21st century living in the center of Bratislava.

The Schön Residence consists of bright apartments with one-bedroom to two-bedroom layouts and floor areas ranging from 43 sq. m. to 139 sq. m. Retail and office space will take up the first two floors of the building. At the end of the summer, work on the façade was completed and new windows were installed. Currently, work is continuing in the interiors—layout modifications, preparation for air-conditioning, and underfloor heating in all units.

Contact our office to schedule a visit of the construction site.

More information about the Rezidence Schön project.

The reconstruction of the Schön building | Svoboda & Williams

11. August 2020

The Bratislava Real Estate Market in the Aftermath of the Coronavirus Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the global economic system and the Bratislava real estate market was no exception. The number of new build apartments sold in Bratislava in the quarter-on-quarter comparison decreased by 40%, but in the year-on-year comparison actually increased by a third. Apartment sales prices have also reached new heights—the average price of a unit in Bratislava is currently just under EUR 3,000 per sq. m.

Experts estimate that the fallout from the economic downturn caused by the new Coronavirus pandemic will be felt especially in the second half of 2020, which, if they are correct, would put pressure on real estate prices. The National Association of Real Estate Agencies in Slovakia (NARKS) stated that housing preferences may change in the future after society’s experience with lockdown measures and quarantines. People will be more likely to take into account the importance of space and quality when it comes to buying property. “Many of our clients are currently searching for properties with a balcony, terrace, or front garden. The popularity of primary or secondary housing, where owners can comfortably spend their weekends, part of the workweek, or the summer months, has also increased,” says Dagmar Skalníková, real estate agent at Svoboda & Williams.

The COVID-19 travel ban was naturally followed by a decline in the number of short-term rental or Airbnb customers, which resulted in an increase in offers of properties for long-term rent. In Bratislava in the first half of the year, the situation caused a 28% growth in available apartments. The real estate market thus changed from a landlord’s to a tenant’s market.

During the Coronavirus crisis, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency quickly adapted to the new demands of the market and came up with several innovations, such as real-time video viewings, Flexi Rentals services, or Flexi Office Management. Even with the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, Svoboda & Williams was actually exclusively retained to sell new apartments in the Koliba and Schön residential projects. “The crisis has not stopped clients who need to discuss housing issues from contacting us. On the other hand, clients who have acquired real estate as an investment have chosen to bide their time and wait until the crisis starts having an impact on property prices. At this point in time, however, developers working in the Bratislava real estate market aren’t thinking about lowering prices,” adds David Martan, head of the Slovak branch of Svoboda & Williams.

The Bratislava Real Estate Market in the Aftermath of the Coronavirus Crisis

12. June 2020

Svoboda & Williams Has Been Exclusively Retained to Sell Apartments in the Schön Residence

Based on an exclusive instruction, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has launched the sale of apartments in the Schön Residence, an architecturally significant building designed by the architects Weinwurm and Vécsei that is currently being reconstructed. The Functionalist residence is located on Obchodná Street, close to the city center and with full civic amenities within easy reach.

The seven-floor residence is currently being completely renovated and should be move-in ready by the end of 2020. The first two floors will consist of office space and the basement will be turned into a parking garage. The Schön Residence offers 10 apartments with layouts that range from one-bedroom to two-bedroom units with floor areas from 43 sq. m. to 139 sq. m. All of the apartments will receive plenty of daylight thanks to their practically designed interiors, high ceilings, French windows, or balconies and terraces that overlook a courtyard. Noise-reducing aluminum windows will block out the sounds from Obchodná Street, creating a comfortable home environment, and the final standard of the apartments will include underfloor heating, a preparation for air-conditioning, and Sherlock security doors. Each apartment also comes with a cellar storage unit.

The multifunctional Schön building built in 1943 was designed by the renowned duo of Functionalist architects Friedrich Weinwurm and Ignác Vécsei as the first department store in Bratislava. Located on the upper part of Obchodná Street close to Hurbanovho Square, it therefore presents a unique opportunity to purchase property, the value of which is likely to increase once the street is completely revitalized. With services, urban amenities, restaurants, cafes, and historic Old Town at your fingertips, this is truly 21st century housing. With services, urban amenities, restaurants, cafes, and historic Old Town at your fingertips, this is truly 21st century housing. The combination of all these factors makes buying an apartment on Obchodná Street an ideal investment.

Murman property development together with architect Norbert Konrád are behind the reconstruction of the Schön building. Their goal was to preserve its original architectural style. The Murman company is interested in improving public spaces and has experience with reconstructing Functionalist buildings from their work on the Dunajská 1 residential project.

More information on the Schön Residence.

Svoboda & Williams Has Been Exclusively Retained to Sell Apartments in the Schön Residence

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