From the Portfolio of Christie's – Minimalist Villa Mosca Bianca With a Private Port on Lake Maggiore

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The villa was designed in 2018 by the talented architect Dara Huang, founder of Design Haus Liberty, and the architect Robert Manzetti. This venerable pedigree has allowed it to be mentioned in several architectural publications.
There is a good reason why it’s called Mosca Bianca, since in Italian this idiom symbolizes uniqueness. The villa is set high in a pine forest and contact with nature is ensured by several terraces, thoughtfully laid out like flower petals and capturing 160 degree views of the lake, the mountains, and breathtaking sunsets. 

The interior features light neutral colors, natural stone, and organic textures, which complement the surrounding nature and highlight the minimalist aesthetic of the architectural style full of light thanks to its large-format windows.
The garden boasts sculptures and a 70-year-old bonsai tree decorates the core of the villa—an inner two-story atrium that is flooded with natural daylight and open to the scenery below the villa. 

The villa’s rooms flow organically from the atrium, including the open plan living area with four en suite bedrooms upstairs with resort-like bathrooms and their own balconies. High-end facilities are elevated by formal and informal rooms such as a playroom, home cinema, meditation zone, summer kitchen, and a kitchen for a private chef.
The design of the house results in a relaxed atmosphere connected to the outdoors, all while offering inspiring spaces for practicing yoga, reading, meditation, fun, and typical Italian al fresco dining. 

The villa also combines modern living with contemporary technological comforts without compromising on environmental responsibility. Sustainability features include solar panels, heat pumps, and passive ventilation, which minimizes consumption by up to 60%. Rainwater is collected in the villa’s atrium and fruits and vegetables are grown in the garden to the delight of the property’s owners. 

The private road that leads to the villa and direct access to the lake with a private port make it a privileged residence to own. The location has long been popular among celebrities worldwide. For instance, the famous fashion designer Donatella Versace has a villa in the neighboring village of Lesa.  The villa’s unique beauty has caught the eye of many high-end brands and has already been used for photo shoots for ad campaigns and fashion editorials. This oasis, secluded from the outside world, is 40 km from the center of Milan and an hour’s drive from the Swiss border. 

Villa Mosca Bianca is like an art gallery that you can live in and embodies the Italian expression “dolce far niente,” i.e. the sweetness of doing nothing. 

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