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Services for Property Owners

Svoboda & Williams offers a wide range of services to help you with the sale of your property. We will expertly guide you through all of the stages of the real estate transaction, from a consultation about Slovakia’s current market situation, to filling out the necessary paperwork, advertising, and legal consultation. Our services for property owners include:

▪ an initial property viewing by our sales consultant
▪ determining the market price
▪ consultation during the property sale process
▪ collecting the required documents (ownership title, acquisition title, project documentation, housing inspection approval, energy performance certificate)
▪ defining the extent of the advertising and marketing campaign
▪ creating a property presentation
▪ organizing property viewings
▪ providing updates on the progress of the sale
▪ negotiating the optimum price during the sale
▪ attending meetings and negotiations (with lawyers, mortgage banks, architects, etc.)
▪ preparing contracts together with a legal firm in Slovak as well as in English (reservation contract, futures contract, purchase contract)
▪ arranging bank escrow accounts, attorney escrow accounts (part of our commission)
▪ submitting a proposal to register the title of ownership
▪ arranging for expert reports - analyses of the construction and technical conditions of the property
▪ delivering all of the required documents to the land registry
▪ the hand over of the property

We offer all of our services and documents in Slovak and English.