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Services for Landlords

▪ initial viewing of the property and consultation on the next steps
▪ qualified estimate of the current market rent
▪ establishing the terms of the rental agreement, the security deposit, deposits for utilities and building service charges, preferred length of lease
▪ defining the target group of potential tenants
▪ recommending adjustments or improvements to boost interest in the target group
▪ arranging professional photos and property description
▪ creating a web presentation of the property and adding it to Svoboda & Williams’ listings
advertising in the media (print advertising/PR, direct mail, outdoor advertising, online ads)
▪ organization of property viewings and providing interpretation services as needed
▪ negotiating the lease terms between landlord and tenant in Slovak or English
▪ creating a rental contract and handover protocol in Slovak and English
▪ assembling the required documents (ownership title, business registers, other agreement attachments)
▪ handover – completing the handover protocol, recording the meter readings, detailed photographs of the apartment, etc.
▪ transferring utilities to the tenant