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Investment in Industrial Properties

Svoboda & Williams brings you the opportunity to invest in top-class, long-term leased industrial properties by means of a financial contribution into a fund of qualified investors.

The main advantages of investment in industrial properties:

▪ the properties are leased long-term to creditworthy companies from the field of light industry and logistics
▪ it is not an investment in a speculative construction, the fund only includes fully leased properties
▪ the fund is supervised by Alterdomus, one of the largest fund administrators in Europe, which is regularly audited by KPMG
▪ the property will be constructed according to the wishes of the future lessee while taking into account the building’s long-term usability
▪ annual indexing of the lease rate
▪ long-term securing of the lessee’s obligations by the lessee’s parent or daughter company, alternatively by an internationally recognised bank
▪ the industrial property market is undergoing an unprecedented growth – the mean annual revenue from Czech class-A industrial properties has been 7.5%