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Home staging

Are you planning to rent or sell a property and would like to present it in the best possible light? The key aim of our home staging service is to make the interior of a property for sale or rent more attractive and get professional photos of it. With the right visual presentation, your apartment, house, office, or retail space can get a high ranking on the real estate market. Furthermore, thanks to home staging techniques, future buyers or tenants are presented with the property in a completely furnished state, thereby allowing them to see its true potential. Our home staging service includes a prepared and implemented marketing campaign.

For our home staging services, we use:

  • Designer Furniture
  • Artworks
  • Flowers
  • Curtains
  • Lighting
  • Other interior accessories

The furniture and accessories come from renowned stores including Stockist, Vitra, Konsepti, Snel Furniture, Concept Store Karlín, Designpropaganda, Bulb, Master & Master, Rendl Light Studio, etc.

The home staging service includes:

  • Recommending the most suitable interior designer or architect
  • Lending designer furniture, artworks, and accessories
  • Professional photo shoot of the interior
  • Preparation and implementation of the marketing campaign

For developers and private owners with whom we have an exclusive agreement, we provide our home staging service for free.

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