Marketing for Developers

Real Estate Consulting for Investors and Developers

As part of an exclusive mandate for the sale or rent of units in a residential project, we offer developers complete marketing support. We use our own marketing channels or ones purchased for this purpose to effectively communicate the project.

Marketing as part of an exclusive mandate includes:

  • Creating an original visual identity and communication style that reflects the character of the presented project
  • Creating a project website tailored to the specific character of the project and its targeted audience
  • Visualizations, photographs, video, VR/AR, home staging
  • Print ads in major Czech real estate and lifestyle magazines
  • PR based on our long-term cooperation with the leading Czech daily newspapers, prominent news, trade, and lifestyle publications, as well as with independent journalists who write about real estate
  • Outdoor advertising on large-format banners hung over facades, scaffolding, or close to the construction site
  • The Svoboda & Williams and Feelhome websites
  • Social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Svoboda & Williams’ monthly newsletter with an open rate of around 50%, direct mailing addressed to a database of carefully profiled, relevant contacts built over a long period of time
  • Svoboda & Williams’ partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate

The current offer of residential projects from the portfolio of Svoboda & Williams.

Archived residential projects that Svoboda & Williams collaborated on.

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